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GLOBAL TIMELINE (from September to December 2023)

  • 23/10/2023MO 23/10 -> FR 27/10 Studio camp ST12

    Ballet dance - +/- 4 to 7 y.
    First floor room


General presentation

Studio Dans'Harmonie looks forward to welcoming you during the school holidays!

When do we organise dance camps?

We follow the Belgian school holiday calendar. Camps are generally organised during the Easter and the long summer holidays.

What activities are on offer?

We run one type of activity each week for camps. However, we like to put combined themes on the programme such as "Classical dance & world dance", "Classical dance & Theatre", "Hip-hop & Theatre", "English immersion course & Theatre", etc.
Some weeks (mainly in summer and for younger children) are devoted to a single theme: such as classical dance.

What age range are they for?

Depending on the theme, we group the children into specific age brackets. The age ranges are however indicative only: the teachers often adapt their activities according to the class make-up.
Every once in a while, we will have children who are a little bit younger or older than the age range indicated.
The main objective is that the child thrives during the time he/she is with us and that we are not simply selected as a "childcare" option.

What does a normal day look like at Dance Camp?

In terms of times, we try to help parents who work with dropping their children off at camp, so we take children from 08:30 to approximately 17:30 (with the exception of workshops organised by Super Lexi: 5pm).
In terms of logistics, the children need to bring their own meals and snacks. We have a small kitchen where the children's meals can be stored in the fridge or heated in the microwave
The day always involves a combination of activities linked to the camp theme with fun, creative activities and an opportunity for rest.


Autumn camps


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In our email, you will get all informations about prices and how to pay the deposit (€50) and the balance.
Please pay the deposit as soon as possible. That will confirm the registration of your child. The total amount should be paid on the first days of the camp.

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