Courses taught by Laura

Its goal is to make students discover the broadest aspect of jazz dance with its influences and derivatives, to work on different music from each other.

She taught her students gradually to agree with their bodies and makes them discover all their possibilities of movement.
We are often able to do more than we think: it has already proved during our classes!


TIMETABLE 2023 - 2024 (same as 2022-2023 timetable + a new level)

With a half-yearly subscription

+/- 8 to 11y.
- - WE
VDK 1st floor
- - -
> 11y. to 17 y.
- - WE
Open level
VDK 1st floor
- - -
> 12y. to 18 y.
- - WE
VDK 1st floor
- - -


From the year 2023-2024, we offer 2 types of subscription: semester and annual (the latter keeping the amounts of the year 2022-2023).

The Jazz class (1 x per week) costs €190 per semester (+/- 17 classes) or €360 per year (+/- 34 classes).
The first semester covers the period from September to January (inclusive) and the second from February to June. The year starts in the first week of September and ends at the end of June.

If it is combined with other classes (ballet, breakdance, cheerleading, contemporary and/or hip-hop) in our school, the subscription varies according to the total number of classes and the semester or annual type:

  • 1 class/week = 190€/semester (+/- 17 classes) or 360€/year (+/- 34 classes)
  • 2 classes/week = 300€/semester (+/- 34 classes) or 590€/year (+/- 68 classes)
  • 3 classes/week = 410€/semester (+/- 51 classes) or 790€/year (+/- 102 classes)
  • 4 classes/week = 520€/semester (+/- 68 classes) or 960€/year (+/- 136 classes)
  • Free pass = 580€/semester (unlimited) or 1.100€/year (unlimited)

When a deposit is requested in the response to the registration request, it is 60€ for the semester type subscription or 100€ for the annual type.


The Studio Dans'Harmonie bank account:

  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • IBAN : BE98 0016 88 39 1393
  • In all communication, please use preferably the structured communication (giro acceptance) that we give you by email or, failing that, please indicate the First Name, Last Name and level of the student.


Discounts are provided for families: -10% for the 2nd child, -20% for the 3rd child and more. The reduction applies to the lowest child's contribution


We did not wish to set up a specific procedure for registration. Payment of the semester fee acts as proof of subscription.

We therefore ask that you contact us via the pre-registration form or visit in person. If required, and particularly in the case of first experiences at our school, your child can try out one or two classes before signing up for the term.

We recommend that you take the time needed to commit but would point out that some of our classes are in high demand and risk being full quite quickly (+/- 15 students per class). Please don't wait until the last minute to book ;-)

Registrations for children and teenagers are closed for this season

Registration for children and teenagers closed for this year 23-24.
Our students are currently preparing for the show on 1 & 2 June 2024. We will be holding trial classes during the period 8-22 June for new students starting in September for 2024-2025.

NEW FORM 24-25 from 16 April 2024


YEAR 2023-2024

  • 1st semester from Mon 04 September 2023 to Sat 27 January 2024
  • 2nd semester from Mon 29 January 2024 to Sat 22 June 2024

School holidays (the dates detailed are included in the holidays)

  • Autumn holidays: from SU 22/10 to SU 05/11/2023
  • Armistice: SA 11/11/2023
  • Christmas holidays: from SU 24/12/2023 to SU 07/01/2024
  • Carnival holidays: from SU 25/02 to SU 10/03/2024
  • Easter Monday: MO 01/04/2024
  • Spring holidays: MO 28/04 to MO 12/05/2024
  • Whitsunday: MO 20/05/2024
  • Summer holidays: from SU 23/06 to SU 01/09/2024
  • Academic year 2024-2025: starts from Mon 02/09/2024


There is no dress code for Jazz as such
This type of dance is often done in bare feet and is more comfortable in loose fitting clothing.