Class given and managed by Cristina & Vincent

Always in research of body expression, Cristina invites you to explore your dancing soul through Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino. Musicality, rhythm and “estilo” are the strong points of her experience, and with Vincent for technique and guidance, the "pair" is perfectly complementary, so that you can soon started to step in on the track, before any more indepth learning.

Cristina and Vincent will teach you to:

  • - Master the basic steps (casino, guapea, vuelta, camina, …)
  • - Perform the most famous basic figures (enchufla, setenta, sombrero, …)
  • - Chaining steps and figures, while soaking up the rhythm and adopting the appropriate body expression
  • - The dynamics, circularity and interactivity of Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino



TIMETABLE 2022 - 2023

Dance Level Hour/week Schedule Room
Cuban salsa Intermediate 1 1 hour/week Sunday 16:30 Bascule
Cuban salsa Intermediates 2/Advanced 1 hour/week Sunday 17:30 Bascule
Cuban salsa Beginners 1 hour/week Sunday 18:30 Bascule
Cuban salsa Beginners 1 hour/week Sunday 19:30 NEW Bascule
Cuban salsa Beginners 1 hour/week Tuesday 19:30 VDK
Cuban salsa Intermediate 1 1 hour/week Tuesday 20:30 VDK


The classes are accessible by taking out a subscription, valid for 6 to 7 weeks, between the dates of the school holidays (Summer holidays, All Saints, Christmas, carnival, spring, and following summer holidays).
With this card, the price per lesson comes to €12, or, for example, €72 for a period of 6 weeks.

For people subscribing in couple, we offer a reduction of € 10 per person, per period.

It is also possible to pay per lesson, the price is then 15 € / hour.

Your first trial class will not be counted if you purchase a subscription card.

For registrations, please kindly complete the form below. This will allow the teacher to better identify you and welcome you at the same time. Moreover, it's also an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.


Cristina and Vincent manage their classes independently, if you have any questions, please use the general website contact form or contact the teachers directly on the following contact details:

E-mail :