Yoga for Kids with Julie & Ophélie

The practice of yoga will be transmitted by Julie and Ophélie, a duo of teachers able to transmit their passion to children of 5 to 8 years old.

Yoga will give them confidence through a better knowledge of their body and skills. Learn to breathe or concentrate through the practice of balance exercises, postures but also moments of relaxation.

The course will also consist of learning songs called mantras, dialogues about well-being. The aim of this course is also to help children relax, concentrate and develop their physical and mental well-being.

They teach yoga kids classes on Saturday afternoon

Yoga Adult with Laurence

Laurence has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaches it since 2018. As a teacher, she qualified at ETY, a renowned international school (500 hours) and is a member of a recognised yoga union in Belgium (Association Belge des Enseignants et Pratiquants du Yoga).

In line with the Viniyoga tradition, she puts a special focus on adapting yoga poses to each one’s needs and abilities. In her yoga sessions, the poses are « steady and comfortable ».

She teaches groups and individuals. She also specialised in perinatal and stress management through yoga. French is her native language but she fluently speaks English.

« Yoga aims at calming mental fluctuations. We can reach that goal through our body with a soft discipline of yoga poses and breathings ».

She teaches yoga classes on Wednesday and Sunday morning


Classes Age Schedule Site
Yoga 5 to 8 years old Saturday 15:30 1st floor
Yoga adult Wednesday 09:00 1st floor
Yoga adult Sunday 11:00 1st floor


Yoga for children (on Saturday) with Ophélie & Julie

We offer 2 types of subscription: semester and annual.

The Yoga class (1 x per week) costs €190 per semester (+/- 17 classes) or €360 per year (+/- 34 classes).
The first semester covers the period from September to January (inclusive) and the second from February to June. The year starts in the first week of September and ends at the end of June.

If it is combined with other classes for kids/teenagers (ballet, cheerleading, breakdance, jazz, contemporary and/or hip-hop) in our school, the subscription varies according to the total number of classes and the semester or annual type:

  • 1 class/week = 190€/semester (+/- 17 classes) or 360€/year (+/- 34 classes)
  • 2 classes/week = 300€/semester (+/- 34 classes) or 590€/year (+/- 68 classes)
  • 3 classes/week = 410€/semester (+/- 51 classes) or 790€/year (+/- 102 classes)
  • 4 classes/week = 520€/semester (+/- 68 classes) or 960€/year (+/- 136 classes)
  • Free pass = 580€/semester (unlimited) or 1.100€/year (unlimited)

When a deposit is requested in the response to the registration request, it is 60€ for the semester type subscription or 100€ for the annual type.


The Studio Dans'Harmonie bank account:

  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • IBAN : BE98 0016 88 39 1393
  • In all communication, please use preferably the structured communication (giro acceptance) that we give you by email or, failing that, please indicate the First Name, Last Name and level of the student.


Discounts are provided for families: -10% for the 2nd child, -20% for the 3rd child and more. The reduction applies to the lowest child's contribution


Yoga Adult (on Wednesday and Sunday morning) with Laurence:

  • 15 € / session
  • 5 sessions card: 70€
  • 10 sessions card: 120€
  • 20 sessions card: 200€
  • 30 sessions card: 240€
  • Precarious situation: -2€/session. Please contact the teacher

Practical advice:

  • wear comfortable clothing (no skirts)
  • come on 5' before your session (there is a cloakroom)
  • there are carpets on site

Inscription adviced (please us our Web form here below and/or visit Laurence's Website)




Yoga (on Wednesday and Sunday morning) with Laurence:

The teachers manage their classes independently, if you have any questions, please use the general website contact form or contact the teacher directly on the following contact details:

Laurence's phone: +32 478 900 061