Yoga with Laurence

Laurence has been practicing yoga since 2005 and teaches it since 2018. As a teacher, she qualified at ETY, a renowned international school (500 hours) and is a member of a recognised yoga union in Belgium (Association Belge des Enseignants et Pratiquants du Yoga).

In line with the Viniyoga tradition, she puts a special focus on adapting yoga poses to each one’s needs and abilities. In her yoga sessions, the poses are « steady and comfortable ».

She teaches groups and individuals. She also specialised in perinatal and stress management through yoga. French is her native language but she fluently speaks English.

« Yoga aims at calming mental fluctuations. We can reach that goal through our body with a soft discipline of yoga poses and breathings ».

She teaches yoga classes on Wednesday and Sunday morning


Classes Age Schedule Site
Yoga adult Wednesday 09:00 VDK Room
Yoga adult Sunday 11:00 VDK Room


Yoga (on Wednesday and Sunday morning) with Laurence:

  • 15 € / session
  • 5 sessions card: 70€
  • 10 sessions card: 120€
  • 20 sessions card: 200€
  • 30 sessions card: 240€
  • Precarious situation: -2€/session. Please contact the teacher

Practical advice:

  • wear comfortable clothing (no skirts)
  • come on 5' before your session (there is a cloakroom)
  • there are carpets on site

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Yoga (on Wednesday and Sunday morning) with Laurence:

The teachers manage their classes independently, if you have any questions, please use the general website contact form or contact the teacher directly on the following contact details:

Laurence's phone: +32 478 900 061